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What's the workflow look like when shooting a Virtual Production?

Location/Environments must be selected and optimized in Prep, This can take time, depending on the complexity of the build Everything else remains more or less the same.

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What do I need to bring?

Our rate includes: The LED wall, The Tracking system, an environment and our virtual production consulting to guide the production.

What is the Advantage of a LED Wall instead of Green Screen?

First and foremost, Immediacy. What you see is what you get. You go home with a final pixel image!

 A major advantage of LED screens is the fact there is none of the green screen ‘spill’ onto your actors and reflective surfaces that was always a challenge to deal with in post-production.If your content is created right, you can get all the reflections and lighting on your subject, in real time which was a task traditionally done in post-production.

Another advantage is that your actors (and everyone else) can see in real-time what the environment looks like, and if they are referencing something that is in the virtual world like a tree or the sun, they can see it rather than guess it is there.

What is included in my rental? 

Our rate includes: The LED wall, 4K Picture Processor, Our top of the line tracking system, Graphics Computers and the necessary technicians needed to make them all work together. Additionally, we provide you with Virtual Production Consulting to help translate your vision into the virtual space. Our team has a mix of Cinematographers and Directors who have experience lighting both the real and virtual world and blending the two.

How convincing are virtual production scenes?

The final image coming out of your camera can be indistinguishable from the real thing.The realism of a scene is dependent on what your scene is made up of; 3D modeling, mega-scans, lighting, textures, and attention to real world details. Some scenes are so convincing that you cannot tell what's real and what's fake.

Realism is dependent on how much Prep is done in advance on the scenes. Finally, real world assets and props in the studio are extremely important to complete the magic.

Do I need a day to set up and pre-light?

Yes. Our team along with the Lighting, DoP and the Set Dressers/Designers need  a day at least to smooth things out. Even though the environments are virtual, set up days are incredibly important to make sure everything is ready to shoot and to avoid delays later on.

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